5 Tips for Effective Networking

Philadelphia, Pa (February 10, 2013) — As New York’s premiere specialized networking event, B2B Bash, makes its way to Bleu Martini at 24 South 2nd Street in Philadelphia on March 7, we wanted to share these five tips for super effective networking!

  1. Dress the part – You are your brand. As a representative of your ideals and the work you will put forth, your appearance is the first impression that anyone will ever get of you. There are no second chances on first impressions, so always dress to impress.
  2. Engage – Though you have a well-crafted elevator pitch, ready to rattle it off at the first interested person, sometimes the best thing you can tell a person comes from the way you ask questions and listen. The one-size-fits-all pitch may not be what this particular potential needs to hear in order to move forward with you. Ask questions, compliment, be friendly and attentive.
  3. Know who you are – Once the conversation is directed to you, as it will be, know what you have to offer! This may be in the form of an elevator speech, your quick “about me” run down, or simply knowing how your talents are relevant to the other person’s needs.
  4. Keep Business cards on hand – This may seem simple but it cannot be stressed enough. If f you would like to be contacted, be able to produce readily accessible information. Bonus: Make notes on the back of the business cards that you are given to remind you of who it came from. By the time you follow up, names and faces may run together. Note any unique characteristic that will help you create distinctions.
  5. Plan who you want to meet ahead of time – More often than not, you know what kind of person you would like to meet at a networking event and how their presence in your life will aid in the growth of your endeavors. Be mindful of who is around and if possible, research them so that you can assure your relevance to them.

The B2B Bash welcomes you to put these tips to the test at the inaugural Philadelphia event at Bleu Martini on March 7 at 6p.m. Pre-purchased admission will allow attendees to fill out a survey and be matched up with those that they know will be beneficial to their business, creating targeted VIP sessions.

Admission rates: Early bird (before February 26): $30, Regular Advanced Admission: $35, At the Door: $40. Attendees may also make a donation to The Reading Clinic, Inc, at purchase.

Guests can register as a VIP at http://b2bbashbleumartini.eventbrite.com

 Wishing you the best in business.

Happy Networking!



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